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All Natural Silk Filled Luxury Bedding for a Healthy Bed and Body
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Customer Reviews


I just wanted to take the time to let you know how impressed I am with the product! I hope and am thinking it is due to Smartsilk. My eyes are less swollen, I am breathing better and I even feel more refreshed when I wake up. I haven't added any prescription drugs as suggested by my doctor..... As I wanted to see what would happen with all the natural and other pills I am taking. Therefore I do believe it is due to your product, so good job!!! And thank you very much!!! I will gladly refer any other dust mite suffers to your company.       Derek V.



We recently purchased a king Smartsilk™ duvet. As you had promised, we are delighted. The duvet is attractive and lightweight; it conforms to our bodies and gives just the right amount of warmth needed. My allergic reaction to dust mites while in bed has been alleviated. I was very pleased to replace our old duvets. (We had tired hypoallergenic fibre-fill as well as down covered with an allergy barrier encasement.)
Your product is excellent. Thanks so much.      Beth Thomas



Had a great night sleep. I felt very comfortable even though it was quite warm last night -- the duvet was perfect. Am very happy with my purchase.      Donna Harrison



I received my SmartSilk™ king size pillow and pillow protector last week and thank you for making such an excellent product. I have very long hair and always found that my head was hot and sweaty during sleep, and I was always buying new pillow to try to find one that would not cause this to happen. Well the search is over! SmartSilk™ pillow and pillow protector has done the trick! Bonus – no more stuffy nose too! Thank you SmartSilk™!      Joanne Egerton



I am absolutely thrilled to go to sleep on the pillow protectors....there's something so wonderful and fresh in my regular pillows with these covers...we know that they cool the head as during the most recent heat weeks our air conditioner simply stopped was very warm however, the pillows simply kept us cooler....very worthwhile, in fact I can't wait for the pillows, I'm giving up the down pillows for this newer option! Can't wait...what a lovely product. Also, I love the integrity of your company...      Wellred



Last night was our first night sleeping with the SmartSilk™ duvet. No snoring from my husband, and I slept the whole night without waking up from sweating and tossing and turning. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, it is essential that I get a restful full night sleep. Last night was heaven! We are starting a heat wave in Vancouver, BC and I was comfortable the whole night. The duvet is neither heavy nor too light, it is just perfect. I am so happy with my SmartSilk™ duvet that I just ordered the king size SmartSilk™ micro gel pillow and silk pillow protector. I can see down the road we will probably get all the products including the pet lounge pad for our Ragdoll. Getting a restful full night's sleep without allergies, without sweating, without tossing and turning is worth the price of this product hands down. I am so glad we purchased the SmartSilk™ duvet I can 100% recommend this product to anyone! Thank you.      Joanne Egerton, Richmond, British Columbia



Just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying our SmartSilk™ duvet. The only thing comparable is your wonderful customer service. Thank you so much for taking the time to address my question about cost comparison with a cheaper product. I was pleasantly surprised when you not only ordered that product for testing but called back to explain the reason for the price difference. Your manner and handling of my concern was superb and very much appreciated. You have an excellent product as well as excellent public relations. Sincerely,      Susan Kanner



I recently purchased a twin duvet with SmartSilk. Ever since, I've had a full-rested sleep every night! Its lightweight nature allows me to sleep comfortably. Washing and drying is a breeze as well! It's very durable, and I don't wake up in the middle of the night with night sweats anymore! Thanks SmartSilk!      Tavi U., Brampton, ON



The pillow feels supportive yet molds to my neck. I am spoiled and don't want to sleep on any other pillow now.      Ruth Landis, Chicago



Just received these pillows which I purchased for my husband's allergies (dust mites & down). Using these to replace poly fill pillows with allergy encasing covers for dust mites. After the first night of using them, there was a marked difference in his quality of sleep and breathing. They are very plump with the right amount of softness as we are both side sleepers. Getting ready to purchase another set, that's how much we love them.      TuB



I truly never believed in a product as I have with yours. Best investment I have made for my health! A product that works as claimed! Thank you!      Stephen C. Holtzman



My son has eczema and this set is perfect. Since dust mites don't live in silk it reduces the number of allergens, so his eczema is more controlled. This blanket is lightweight and cushy and so very comfortable. It has a special feel to it that is hard to describe. I enjoy knowing I am covered with pure materials. Very well made item. I just love it!      Nathans Mommy, Guelph, ON



This is a wonderful comforter. There is something magical about this comforter because it adapts to your body temperature. It feels luxurious and light, which is important to me. I have bought several VERY high priced comforters, which have ALL proved to be too warm for the South, even the blanket weights! You will adore this addition to your bed, especially if your temperature needs vary throughout the night.......Fifty-eight and finally happy all night long!!!!!       Loves Quality



I've got to tell you this is the most comfy blanket you will ever use. It's amazing how it keeps you cool in the summer, yet warm in the winter. My kids love sleeping in our bed just for the blanket. Also after you wash it, seems to get even softer.      mommyof3girls



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